Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira on Wednesday said that in the past President House was used for conspiring against democratic governments, but the incumbent President has strengthened democracy by empowering parliament and giving up his discretionary powers voluntarily.

Replying to reporters questions on the occasion of cabinet briefing, he said that in the past conspirators were at the presidency, who conspired to strengthen themselves at the cost of the democratic set up.

He said that he could not understand whether the country needed "a democratic president or a conspirator president."

To a question, he said that present democratic government was committed to promote the politics of reconciliation and would continue its efforts to avoid policies of confrontation. He said that if Nawaz Sharif had said something positive about President Zardari, it should be appreciated.

About Imran Khan's statement, he said that we are political forces and will have to coexist  and cannot always point guns at each other.

To a question about D-8 conference, he said that Prime Minister was on board on the whole matter but historically the Presidency hosts the summit. He said that Pakistan's role on war against terror, and its role for promotion of peace in the world was appreciated and we should welcome this development instead of finding negativity in all the matters.

To a question, he said that national heroes should be honoured and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was a hero not only for the PPP, but even opponents of the PPP acknowledged his sacrifice for the cause of democracy. He said that dates of D-8 like summits are finalized in advance and consultation with other countries and blaming the government for the summit in Muharram was unjustified.

"We all are Muslims and respect the holy month of Muharram, but we mourn and work during Muharram," he said.

To a question Minister for Information Qamar Zaman Kaira said that the bill of National Counter Terrorism Authority was to be tabled before the cabinet earlier, but it was delayed as improvements were being made in it. He said already a cell in the interior ministry was working but with the establishment of the authority, there would be better coordination with all institutions and provinces.

About the decisions made by the government after 1990 elections, he said that the courts should take notice of their legal status and the government would also consider its options.

Answering a question about local government elections, he said that it should be held but in Sindh matter was sub judice and Punjab was deferring them.

To a question about the ZAB Medial University at PIMS, he said that all admission would be done on merit.

About proposed raise in support price of wheat, he said that the farmers of the country need to get proper price of their produce. He said that salaries of the employees and labourers wages have increased so there was no justification in not increasing wheat support price.

Moreover, he said that the step was also needed to control smuggling of the edibles.