The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) president Nawaz Sharif said Wednesday that Pakistan was facing several challenges and problems would not be solved overnight.

Addressing a rally in Swat, Nawaz said problems such as the violence in Karachi, situation in Balochistan and terrorism needed to be resolved. “These problems have made life difficult for people.”

He said those who are claiming that the problems would be resolved in 90 days are actually deceiving the nation. He said one should not tell a lie to get votes.

The PML-N chief further said that no person in Pakistan would want to be part of this government. “Come forward if you want to serve the people and protect Pakistan,” Nawaz called out to leaders.

Nawaz said the country was passing through a very difficult phase of its history. He said due to regular military intervention democracy has been damaged a lot. He said the PML-N came to power twice but it was not allowed to complete its tenure due to which many of its development works were left uncompleted.

He said lawlessness, poverty and inflation increased during the tenure of the current government.

He said the PML-N after coming to power would pull out the country from multiple crises. He said the party brains have the ability to bring change in the country. He said the PML-N plans to construct Motorway in Swat, Expressway to Dir and Kidney Centre in Swat.