ISLAMABAD - Strongly denouncing the rat-biting incident in Holy Family Hospital and killing of more than a dozen people in Lahore after consuming a toxic cough syrup, central leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Pirzada Rahat Quddusi has demanded of the Punjab government to resign instead of hiding its incompetence.

He said both the incidents had made exposed the performance of provincial government.

He said the incident happened the other day in Holy Family Hospital has exposed the hollow claims of the Punjab government regarding million of rupees utilisation for the betterment of poor patients.

While recounting an incident occurred in recent past where dozens of patients were killed owing to use of substandard medicines meant for heart patients, he said, not even a single person was brought to justice in that case.

He said despite killing of hundreds of poor patients, the Punjab government was still reluctant to take action against the responsible one.