SHEIKHUPURA - Hundreds of Sikh Yatrees hailing from different countries like Europe, Dubai, UK, Australia, Thailand, Afghanistan, Canada, the US and India visited Gurdawara Sacha Sauda in Farooqabad on Tuesday.

They arrived here in buses, wagons and cars. Tight security measures were adopted to maintain law and order and discipline on this occasion. DPO Rana Abdul Jabbar had deployed a large number of police on the routes of district.

On the occasion, a Sikh yatree, Sardar Swarn Singh appreciated the facilities and security measures provided by the district administration.

Commenting on Pak-India relations, he said that Sikh community had always favoured and supported the talks between two countries. He said that the leadership of both countries should show flexibility for resolving all the outstanding issues.

The Yatrees after performing rituals at Gurdawara Sacha Sauda started to return to Nankana Sahib where they would also perform their religious rites at Gurdawara Janamasthan. The delegation member Sardar Perkash Singh also appreciated the facilities and security measures and said that the Sikh community in India was very anxious to develop cordial relation between the two neighbours.