It’s very painful to see that what used to be a normal annual event twenty years ago, has now brought the entire country to a standstill. I remember myself and my friend enjoying two glass of ‘Rooh Afza’ mixed with milk from a sabeel which was established on the side of M A Jinnah Road, Karachi on Ashura day some seventeen years ago without any fear. We also joined the procession for a good half a kilometer on our away.

It seems we have progressed as individuals but have lost direction and sanity as a society. Our government on the other hand is fighting the effect instead of cause; the solution is a multi pronged strategy with special emphasis on developing a moderate and one syllabus for all in all our educational institution. I always feel a need to introduce philosophy and history as compulsory subjects from grade eight onward. There is also a greater role of moderate religious elements to come forward and assert themselves against the rising influence of extremist narrative. I wish someone would do so!


Melbourne, November 26.