Noam Chomsky, American prominent philosopher and public critic, has rightly quoted Gaza as the ‘World’s Largest Open Air Prison’. He is so right, when one examines the present situation in Gaza. The recent attacks of Israel are as inhumane and unlawful as is the treatment of prisoners in worst jails like Guantanamo Bay. These attacks are an open violation of Human Rights and International Law. Which provision of International Law allows such hostility?

The silence of the so-called champions of Human rights and International Law, US and UN, is skeptical. The UN is again proving itself as a rubberstamp in the hands of powerful countries. So is the case of toothless OIC, which acclaims itself as a representative body of 56 Islamic states. We are still waiting for even a verbal protest on the part of the OIC. That is the maximum one can expect from OIC.


Sargodha, November 20.