The three-day 4th International Literary and Cultural Conference, under the aegis of Lahore Arts Council finally concluded with a note of optimism in the prevailing difficult times. Attended by a large number of writers, poets, intellectuals, academicians and journalists besides other delegates from several other countries, the conference provided a platform to writers and literary figures from all over the world to exchange views and find various means to promote peace, love, tolerance and harmony. Besides the conference, a book fair was also organized for the delegates and visitors to the conference where prominent publishing houses of the country displayed thousands of books on literature, art, culture and journalism.

Such events and occasions are the need of the hour since the whole world is facing difficult times and it is only through art, literature, and cultural activities and exchanges that prevailing violence and wave of terrorism and intolerance can be subdued. In this context, all praise goes to Lahore Arts Council for arranging the event.

Apart from it, they may also serve as a platform to portray a positive image of Pakistan in the comity of nations. The world community must come to know that although Pakistan is a victim of this war on terror but still it has many splendid and wonderful things to offer.


Lahore, November 26.