Research has been carried out to know whether wall chalking helps in creating awareness about different things or not. Some 60 percent of the general public thinks that wall chalking is a way of creating awareness. Pakistanis basically indulge in wall chalking due to a lack of platforms for them to express their emotions. Advertisements are done through wall chalking to avoid expense and the government cannot root out the problem since it consists of political parties largely involved in wall chalking for political purposes.

There are laws against wall chalking and illegal advertising but they are not promulgated strictly enough. When this exercise is undertaken with some artistic considerations, it reflects the creativity of the people. When unrestrained tarnishing of built surfaces is done, it displays the inherent conflict, contradictions and confusion among the various classes in society. Educated people say that wall chalking must be stopped and a more educated Pakistan must be established. A stricter implementation of the law prohibiting vandalising and outdoor advertising is required to get rid of this problem.


Lahore, November 26.