There are a great number of poets and poetess whose names are carved in the times gone by with the golden words and they will be remembered for the time to come. Some were known as the poets of nature and others as the poets of romance, nevertheless, each one has his or her forte which cannot be denied. However, there are few atypically themes which remained favourite with all of them, no matter whether the poets were from ancient or medieval ages or Victorian or contemporary period. One such theme is ‘Bridge’. A bridge has always remained the icon of optimism, romance and resistance with the poets and the literature lovers of all time.

In contemporary period, Ayesha Zee Khan wrote her first ever anthology of poetry under the title “Building Bridges”. Her poems are soothing and mature. The reader can smell of Emily Dickinson and Charlotte Bronte.

Her poetry exhibits virtually all the stylistic elements of poetic diction. Though she focuses more on rhyme and meter to express rhythm of aesthetics and there are musical effects without presence of rhetoric, drama and comedy in the verses. There is a song-like rhythm, yet it has impact of story of love and peace in its euphony.

Ayesha is a warm hearted and good intentioned human being, whose mission is to improve Indo-Pak relations. Her book “Building Bridges” is her contribution and token of love for the People of India and Pakistan, certainly a noble cause taken up by a female of this region with a magical touch and fantasy into the real world.

n Review by Faizan Hussain