LOS ANGELES-A group tasked with protecting the welfare of animals in the film industry blasted as “misleading” Tuesday a report suggesting it turns a blind eye to abuse because it is too cozy with Hollywood.

The Hollywood Reporter listed alleged incidents on films including the Oscar-winning “Life of Pi,” where it said the Bengal tiger which is central to the movie reportedly nearly drowned.

Twenty-seven animals involved in making the first movie of the “Hobbit” trilogy died, it said, also listing incidents where a chipmunk was squashed, a husky dog was punched, and fish died in making “Pirates of the Caribbean.” But the American Humane Association (AHA) said the story “distorts the work and record of a respected nonprofit organization that has kept millions of beloved animal actors safe on film and television sets around the world.” “The article is misleading and unfortunate,” AHA senior advisor Karen Rosa told AFP.