Anyone who is impudent enough to tread two boats always sinks, we in Pakistan have adopted two laws, the old British law and our own Shariah law. ‘Why’ is a different question and I hope someone can answer. There is already too much corruption and the discontinuation of death penalty will encourage more people to commit crimes. Ansar Burney is raising a hue and cry for abolishing capital punishment, a right given by God and not man. How can a state created in the name of Islam not propagate a law given by God and our constitution states that no law can be made which is repugnant to the Quran and Sunnah. Murder and rape are such heinous crimes that nothing else but a death sentence could be just punishment and it has been stated so in the Quran. So either let us say we will follow only the British law or our own constitution.

Pakistan is already being given small doses of Allah’s wrath in the shape of floods and earthquakes, when will we learn not to defy His laws?

Please beware of Allah’s wrath lest it should destroy us completely for being ungrateful for His uncountable favours! We have been shown the right path and it is our duty to follow the injunction of the Holy Quran.


Lahore, November 23.