PPP co-chairperson Asif Zardari has taken strong notice of the water shortage in Karachi. Because of power failure at the pumping station the city is deprived of water. Little does he know that we are fast approaching a point of no return when, even if there is power, there will be no water to pump! However, the collective wisdom of the few is that water shortage is because of the dams. If so, let us stop storing water at the dams and open the flood gates of Mangla and Tarbela.

Let there be a free flow of the rivers for all, but then we all must be prepared for far more water than can be safely handled during the three flood months, and far less water for handling during the remaining nine months. This will become another tragedy for this tragic country. We will have a short period of floods followed by a long period of droughts. Why should so many suffer so much for so long for the ignorance of so few?


Lahore, November 26.