LAHORE - The FIA NR3C Lahore has started major operation against grey traffickers in Lahore and on Wednesday seized more than two dozens illegal gateway exchanges from different parts of the city.

FIA officer Sami-ur-Rehman Khan Jami while talking to The Nation said that first raid was conducted at a house No-345 Block-5, street No-A-2 Township Lahore and recovered 15 illegal gateway exchanges including two exchanges of 32-port and 13 of 8-port in operational condition. Other seized items included 200 mobile SIMs of different companies, 04 EVO PTCL Wingle, 10 3G EVO PTCL and other related equipments. One Asif Hussain, son of Faqir Hussain, was arrested on the spot.

Second raid was conducted at Street No-04 Mohalla Sherwani, Qainchi Ammar Sidhu Lahore and recovered 12 illegal gateway exchanges of 8-port in operational condition. Other items recovered included 1044 SIMs of different mobile companies, PTCL devices and other related equipments. One person Allem Ullah was arrested and FIR has been registered against accused.  FIA officer said that both the accused were causing loss of millions to national exchequer by running illegal gateway exchanges.

 It is worth mentioning here that FIA has started operation against grey traffickers and couple of days back this team raided at Sargohda and recovered illegal gateway exchanges.