ISLAMABAD - The National Assembly's Standing Committee for Law and Justice has approved the 23rd constitutional amendment bill with majority vote, while Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) opposed the bill.

On Wednesday, meeting of Standing Committee for L&J was held in parliament house, under the supervision of chairman Mehmood Wardagh Bashir, and the committee mulled over 4 bills including the 23rd constitutional amendment.

The Committee approved the three other bills with consensus.

As per the 23rd amendment, it has been proposed in the bill to extend the quota of provinces in jobs of the federal government for the next 20 years which will benefit small and backward provinces.

During discussion, the chairman committee stated that approval of amendment at this time will be most beneficial for Balochistan.

He said, "Approval of this amendment is necessary to end the sense of deprivation of small provinces. However, it could be included in the bill that no extension should be made in it in future."

The duration of provincial quota in federal government jobs has ended since August 13, 2013 and till now this matter has been run by ordinances.

But the departments were not being assigned to the candidates who passed the civil services exams.

During discussion, member MQM SA Iqbal Qadri raised the point that there should be same merit for all Pakistanis and no one should be given priority on the basis of quota.

Committee also approved the bill of awarding representation to Islamabad High Court (IHC) in National Judicial Committee, while Ministry for L&J failed to present the details regarding salaries and privileges of Supreme and High Courts judges before the committee due to shortage of time.

The committee approved the amendment bill 2013 for giving representation to Islamabad High Court (IHC) in National Judicial Committee with consensus.

Before that, chairman committee also said rules of Supreme Court were made clear in 1980 so the bill of eliminating the Federal Court should be approved which was made under the regulations of 1976.

After that, committee approved the elimination of Federal Court Bill 2013 with majority. Other than that committee also approved the amendment bill 2013 regarding Legal Practitioners and Bar Councils.

This amendment will provide the legal security to the decisions taken by disciplinary committees of Bar Councils.