ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court (SC) has directed the government to appoint regular chairman of Higher Education Commission (HEC) within 15 days, holding no acting appointment could be made on a regular post.

A three-member SC bench, led by Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk, heard the law colleges’ case on Wednesday. The court was told during the hearing that two names had been given for the appointment of the HEC chairman and consultation process was under way in this regard while Imtiaz Hussain Gillani had been appointed as acting chairman.

The court expressed displeasure and said: “Neither any ad-hoc appointment can be made against a regular post nor can an acting chairman be appointed.”

The HEC and the University of the Punjab presented two reports in the court with reference to the inspection of law colleges. Pakistan Bar Council Vice Chairman Syed Qalb-e-Hussain told the court that according to these reports, the Punjab University had completed inspection of 24 law colleges while inspection of 10 others would be conducted soon.

The court was told by the Pakistan Bar Council vice chairman that three different rules and regulations were enacted in different years with reference to law colleges. At least four weeks would be needed to review them, he said.

Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk remarked, “We cannot make any compromise on the standard of education of law. We cannot tolerate such a delay on this important matter, so we are giving two weeks.” The court directed Pakistan Bar Council to evolve rules and regulations within two weeks and present a report on it.