Staying in touch with each other has become important to the new generation. In the previous era people waited for letters for months but now the world has shrunk. Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Watapps and other social media tools have brought our loved ones closer. Use of cell phones and Internet has increased tremendously. Everybody seems to be on the phone, calling or chatting. New gadgets have been introduced by mobile manufactures with innovative options and problem-oriented solutions. Mobile companies have introduced varied attractive packages targeting the young users; Facebook and Twitter have become daily life meeting points for many, providing forums for friendships. A new language has emerged as social media terminology and new norms have been set for expression of feelings and reactions.

No sensible person can negate the importance, utility and influence of the social media as it has been playing a pivotal role towards awareness and has become a large source of information. Recently in Middle East political movements utilized the social media to bring together like minded people on one platform. Even in our country some political parties channelized their campaigns through social media during last general elections.

Everything has two sides and so does the use of social media. It has made book reading redundant in this era. A lot of time is wasted on Facebook or Twitter by the youth, hypertension, laziness and sleeplessness are the outcomes of this habit. Facebook is associated with increasing discontent among our youth as well as enhancing depression and social tensions.

Our youth should have a strong moral character and know the difference between use and abuse; they must know the hazards of overuse of anything and how to spend their time in physical activities as well as mental.


Lahore, November 24.