LAHORE - The Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA), in line with showing solidarity with the lawyers tortured in Islamabad, on Wednesday demanded registration of FIR against Registrar of the Supreme Court and other officers responsible for torture.

Holding a general house meeting on Wednesday to condemn the torture, the LHCBA carried a resolution in condemnation of the police torture on lawyers. In the resolution, the bar also demanded the media not to use term “wukla gardi” for the lawyers stating that it did not suit them.  The bar also boycotted a media organisation and resolved not to let any representative of the group to enter the premises of the bar for media coverage.  The lawyers also asked a reporter of that media group to leave the bar room as they resolved to boycott their organisation for partial coverage of the event.  The LHCBA boycotted the court proceedings following the boycott call of the Pakistan Bar Council.

No lawyer appeared before the court for attending the court proceedings ,therefore, most cases were adjourned. However, lawyers were witnessed appearing before the courts in urgent cases.

The general house meeting of the bar was held under the chair of its President Abid Saqi.

Several lawyers addressing the meeting condemned the incident stating that lawyers were innocent and without any reason the police subjected them to physical torture.

Addressing the meeting Advocate Allah Bakhsh Gondal said that the lawyers struggle for rule of law and implementation of the Constitution.

He said in movement for restoration of sacked judges and for independence of judiciary, the country lawyers made a history by continuing a countrywide movement.

He said some of them were jailed and the courts also took several suo motu notices in this regard but not a single grievance of the lawyers were redressed.

Advocate Muhammad Kazim Khan said that lawyers were demanding their Constitutional and legal right in Islamabad where they were severely tortured.

He said not only doors of the SC were closed for them but also they were severely tortured. He said tear gas shells and rubber bullets were fired at them which is shameful.

Addressing the meeting, Abid Saqi said such kind of torture on lawyers should be ended otherwise they would be countrywide protests.

He demanded the media not to use term “media gardi” for lawyers. Saqi also placed the resolution which was carried unanimously.