ISLAMABAD - Terming media an integral part and pre-condition for strong and stable democracy, Angela Aggeler, Counsellor for Public Affairs Section, US Embassy Friday said that training of media persons is a must to make them capable of providing accurate information to the general public. 

She said that provision of accurate information to the general public is one of the main responsibilities of media persons. "Media needs to provide accurate news to the general public as provision of false information is better than no information as false information is highly dangerous for state and general public," Angela Aggeler said while addressing the 3rd National Media Conference organised by Individualland Pakistan, a research based consulting and advocacy firm with the collaboration of Friedrich Naumann Foundation.

The conference was attended by journalists, media personnel and civil society members from across Pakistan. This year's conference was titled 'evolution of media: requirements, facts and fears from a free, independent and responsible media's (FIRM) perspective.'

Angela Aggeler said that all of us witnessed quite an eventful past decade in and around Pakistan and the citizens would not have felt more informed without the existence of a free and independent Pakistani media. "When I was a child, there were less sources of getting news but now days, news can be read on mobile phones even," she said.

Editor Daily Times Rashed Rahman, speaking on the occasion, said that there was a legacy in Pakistan of the government and its structures withholding information from the public. "The small number of requests submitted for access to information were because of long procedure and expectations of disappointing outcomes," he said.   "I sometimes visualize our media as a car racing event, where every driver wants to reach the finish line before the other without caring for smaller bumps and speed breakers and without looking into the review mirror. But now is the time to introduce a review mirror in these cars," remarked by Gulmina Bilal Ahmad, Executive Director Individualland Pakistan.