The uncountable problems being faced by our country today seem to have only one main cause; lack of accountability. There seems to be no authority in this ‘democratic’ state of ours that keeps an eye on our various law enforcing institutes to keep them honest, or to keep a check on their efficiency, as this has now become important due to many incidents that have taken place. There actually seems to be no law and order in the country where state has been robbed.

If someone robs a bank, the authorities responsible don’t even try to search for the culprits, despite CCTV footage available, because they are sure they won’t be able to find them! This is why the common man is harassed and has become paranoid. We all know that whatever happens to us there is no one to give us justice or catch the culprit. This attitude needs to be changed by the government by keeping a check on the efficiency of the police, traffic wardens, Civil Aviation Authority, NADRA and all such authorities so that our people and country are secure.


Karachi, November 26.