Once again after Charlie Hebdo shootings in the beginning of the contemporary year, France was rocked by multiple tumultuous attacks on entertainment sites around Paris on Friday evening. Atleast 160 people killed across different locations in the capital. Two explosions were heard near the Stade de France stadium where a friendly France-Germany soccer match was being played, attended by president Francois Hollande. An utmost panic erupted in the crowds as the rumors of the attack spread. About 100 people rushed to the Bataclan concert hall where they were held hostages and killed by the assailants. The number of the attackers was stated to be unclear, later on, 3 of them were killed in the military operation.

It was the deadliest violence Paris has witnessed since World War II. This vicious act of terrorism is extremely condemnable on which the humanity aches and bleeds over the carnage. To evade the menace of terrorism throughout the world and safeguard the lives and properties of the people, the long-term strategies and precautionary initiatives are indispensable to be taken by the state governments to ensure safety, peace and harmony across the world.


Hyderabad, November 14.