Through the courtesy of your esteemed newspaper I would like to draw your attention towards the topic of education. Nowadays our education system has become like a business. The people are teaching their children in expensive schools and colleges but all in vain because their concepts are not clear. This is due to the wrong selection of the teachers.  

The administration of these schools appoints less educated teachers because they want to pay less salary to them. If properly educated teachers are appointed, then I think this would not happen because a trained teacher knows how to teach a child properly. They are not just only there to teach the lesson but explain each and every word to clear the concepts or to solve all the questions inside the mind of a child. We don’t just need to change the teachers but also have to change the way of teaching. The clearness of a concept is not only the solution but the students should also know how to write an answer by searching from books or other ways.  

In this way the child would get much more knowledge about what they are studying. I humbly request to the school administration that do not play with the future of so many children just because of a little profit. Please appoint your staff according to their educational skills, not for your benefit. So, I want your newspaper to convey the message to the related authorities so that this problem can be resolved. 


Karachi, October 27.