The Ministry of Law, Justice and Human Rights lives in the moment. It understands the future and builds it according to the determination of its agency in order to move towards its desired future. A well-devised and developed training program for the capacity building of law officers related to different ministries, divisions, corporations, body corporate, among others is scheduled to be held in the Federal Judicial Academy, Islamabad and it is a testimony to this fact.  

The training in question will definitely enhance professional effectiveness of the officers, address real time legal and litigation challenges for the public sector organisations, and explore several insights that objectively expand and maintain work-life habits. It is proposed that such a versatile and passionate resource people will be hired who train the brain of their trainees for legal mindfulness, sharpening skills to deal with legal adversity and help them to become more resilient and positive. During this training there should not be any contemptuous indoctrination based on power point presentations, which is a commonplace practice in training in Pakistan nowadays.  

But training based on aligning ideation and brainstorming. Moreover, several sensitisation lectures may also be arranged for them as they should not suffer from ‘self-compassion” but exhibit kindness and compassion for others. It is also noticeable that a lack of focus, legal wisdom, responsibility preferences like human aspects, which leave a large gap in the effective performance, may be addressed and boosted. Indeed, this a unique endeavour aimed to transform them in the line of their legal duties which every organisation wants. It is a crucial raise these law officers need on all counts including personal, professional and fiscal, for an effective service delivery as they may very well know why they do what they do. 


Islamabad, October 24.