Islamabad: Captain Safdar (Retd), son-in-law of ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that they do not believe in military angels but they believe in Allah's Angels.

While talking to media men outside Accountability Court (AC) on Tuesday Safdar said “I have belief upon Allah’s angels and I don’t accept any military angels.”

He added someone had aired a programme about giving Rs 50 million by him and the honorable judge has taken notice of this matter for which he is thankful to court.

“I am chairman of standing committee on information technology, therefore, I would also ask about it from PTA”, Captain added.

Replying to a question about Faizabad sit-in Safdar said that today Sit-in is the name of a music concert but in Faizabad, a ceremony was organized in which people sit and recite poetry in praise of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that was also known as “Mehfil e Milad”.

Talking about the need for general’s signatures in Mehfil he said this question should not be asked of me. If it is so then why need was felt for signatures of Pervaiz Musharraf (R), Ayub Khan and General Yahya Kahn(R). Now people are looking for signatures of one major general.

Replying to another question about giving bus fare by Rangers officials to protestors for returning homes, Safdar said we had given Rs 5,000 to protestors for bus fare but they had given Rs 1000.