By Hajra Salim

Now a days, we talk about equality and inequality but what about equality and equity? Is it the same thing or it really doesn't matter?

What's equality? The state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities. And what's equity? Not really sure, no idea.

Equity is when people get things according to their needs. Still we say equality is justice.. Why? Are we supporting the right thing? Are we promoting the right thing?

Let me give an example of both of these things: 

Suppose there are three boys looking over a fence to see a football match. The first boy is short, the second one is shorter and the third one is the shortest in height.

And all of these boys cannot see the match. So, a man passes by and helps them by giving each of them a box to stand on, so that they can see the match. The boys push their boxes towards the fence and stand on top of the box. The second and the third boy became very happy as they could see the match clearly. But unfortunately, the third boy couldn't see the match even when he was standing on the box because he was the shortest. So, this is equality. Is it right? The man although in his heart did justice but was it really justice? Was it really fair?

Ok, now suppose the same story but instead of that man who gave each of them a single box to stand on, this time imagine he gives the third and the second boy a single box and gives the first boy two boxes. So, when all three of the boys stand on top of the box they all could see the match clearly. This might not be equality but this is equity. What do you think? Is this fair? Is this right?

If you ask me I will say: I support Equity. Because I think where there is equity, there is justice. Now, suppose that those three boys have the same height and weight. A man passes by and performs equity by giving each of them a single box to stand on as they have the same height and weight and because they are equal. And when those three boys stand on their boxes, All of them could see the football match clearly. So, he performs Equity by giving them what they deserve but when he gives all three of them the same quantity and quality of an object, he performs Equality too. So, What do you think? Is this justice? Is this equality? I'll let you be the judge and decide. Decide what you stand for, Decide what you promote,Decide what you support, Decide what is right and what is wrong.

~Equality is giving everyone a shoe but equity is giving everyone a shoe that fits.~

Published in Young Nation magazine on February 18, 2017