[To Kaiser Wilhelm II who said ‘My Potsdam guards stand seven feet high’:] Indeed, and

when I order my dykes to be thrown open,

the water is ten feet deep.

–Wilhelmina, Queen of Netherlands

On 28th November 1918, as World War two lumbered towards its end, Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated as the German Emperor and King of Prussia. At this time, he was exiled in Amerongen. The abdication was a response to, among other things, the German Revolution which had started earlier this year. The Revolution led to the ultimate dissolution of the nobility in Germany in theory at least. Wilhelm II had led the German forces in he World War and his exile and eventual abdication led to a wave of confusion and chaos in Germany. The post-war efforts to extradite Wilhelm II for war crimes went in vain. He had hopes of restoration as Hitler rose to power but those hopes went unfulfilled as well.