By: Raazia Syed

Today social media has become a powerful medium to share knowledge with each other. In this modern scientific era it is our responsibility to pick good and positive things from social media as everything has positive and negative impacts.

Let us discuss a video of hope and bravery I received of two little kids. A four-year-old boy Ayan and his two-and-a-half-year-old sister Ayesha were the main characters.  They can be seen playing being minors.

Suddenly, a tall man in Army uniform appears. The kids ran towards him and hug him. Father, father we are so happy to see you. The atmosphere was filled with affection and love. However, the soldier father seemed bit concerned. He did not have the serenity on his face which usually a father has. The children noticed it and inquired if he is ok. The father in return informs them about the catastrophic terrorist attack on children of APS school Peshawar and advises them to remain ready, never fear such people and together fight back to save yourselves and your fellows.

It did not end here. In fact the sacrifice of APS school children pumped the enthusiasm and their father asked them to bring their water guns and indulged them into a water-gun fight, and they held a trial and training right there and then.

Their chacha, paternal uncle, was watching all this from a distance. He entered the scene and took up the role of terrorist. Father asks them to attack and the children rush on to the terrorist firing water at him to knock him down. Chacha was not expecting such as overwhelming response and fell on his back. The brave children get on his chest raising slogans of victory and joy.

Apparently, it is a small innocent father-children fight but it leaves a lasting impression on the minds. It teaches us to be brave in the face of danger and face your fears intelligently and skillfully. And finally, we learn to bow down only in front of Allah and unite against adversaries.

Published in Young Nation magazine on February 18, 2017