Baloch Abad is one of the distinct villages of Kech district of Baluchistan which is situated in western Baluchistan almost some 65 kilometers near Irani border. The village counts nearly 90 houses of the same tribe called Rind that dwell there nearly some 40 years, but the village lacks the fundamental needs like health and education. There stands a two classroom primary school building which witnesses two teachers who are only able to teach some 60 primary boys. So sad to mention that the females remain totally deprived of education as there are no girls schools. On the other hand, the health facilities are out of sight, as there is hospital building built before four years in a neighborhood village, but yet remains unopened because of no doctors. 

In a nut shell, the concerned provincial authorities are requested for a call for action, because the province already remains far behind the other provinces of Pakistan. 


Baloch Abad, Kech, November 16.