In Government organization, when an employee gets retired and leaves his seat, then one of his children fills that reserved seat without any merit. If a person has performed his duty with fair attitude, it does not mean that his son/daughter will also be the same.

Then why there are so many reservations for a single govt employee but there is nothing for a talented and versatile young boy. Reservations are fair for the backward communities but reservations on behalf of relativity is totally unfair. These are those factors which decrease growth rate of govt organizations like you can witness PIA especially, in turns increases the unemployment and also increases the amount of illiterates in your govt’s machinery.

These illiterates get promotions, lead the committees and make flawed policies like Nandipur, Wapda’s auditing etc. Similarly, these illiterates who are the bad workmen always quarrel with tools. They can just do one thing and that is how to become millionaires, Obviously, through corruption. Corruption is at serious level just because of these people who aren’t recruited on merit. So both corruption and these bad workmen should be eradicated.

There is no rocket science involved in applying these harsh rules in the society but actually the leaders are also belonging to the same status that’s why there is no implementation. Pakistani nation can achieve the milestone, only if these illiterate lord of kingdoms in shape of religious Mullahs or in the shape of corrupted officers or leaders should be expelled. The reservation mechanism must be such that it will filter the economically deprived section of the society and empower them with proper education and knowledge which will ultimately help Pakistan in the long run to increase the growth rate of organization and solve the problem of unemployment.

I understand the rules of the ‘Letters to the Editor’, I hope the message I have tried to convey will get through it, without being winnowed and I hope you will consider my message.


Lahore, November 6.