The government of Punjab has taken an initiative for differently abled persons by creating an online portal which allows them to register. This portal will then give them access to both private and public sector jobs, the quota for which has been increased from two to three percent. This is definitely an initiative which should be commended because such efforts have been long due and have required the special attention of lawmakers to provide everyone with equal opportunities to each and every citizen of the country, regardless of their shortcomings.

The understanding of disability in Pakistani society is generally lacking. This is not just true on a people to people basis but also stands true for the outlook of several governments. As a country, we have struggled to provide for the majority and it has taken a long time along with the inception of social media to incorporate those who are marginalised and alienated. Differently abled persons also fall in the category, whom for a long time have maintained the position that it is not so much their disability that creates issues rather it is the disabling mindset of the people which affects them - both in personal and professional life.

Such inclusion will make their presence a normality and will help them live life like an average person. This idea needs to be targeted and the solution for that is awareness campaigns. Along with ensuring jobs, the government must also create a safe working environment for them to ensure that they are neither harassed nor bullied. Several times, laws are made but the reason why their implementation fails is that the socialisation of people is not changed. Laws must be complemented by holistic policies and only that is the way forward to finding solutions to problems plaguing Pakistan.