Adherence to Islamic beliefs Pakistan is a home to more than 100 million Muslims made many to believe that Pakistan was protected immunodeficiency virus or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome but the reality today proves to be totally different.

This AIDs (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) is recognized is a health concern by becoming a life security issue with number of cases growing. Pakistan is among those ten countries in the Asia-Pacific region which account for more than 95% of all new HIV infection. It spreads through certain body fluids from a person from a person who has HIV, these fluids can be blood, senen, pre-seminal fluids, retal fluids, vaginal fluids, and breast milk, it spreads mainly by having sex or sharing injection drug equipment with someone who has HIV, and can also spread pregnant women with HIV to her child during pregnancy.

Without medication the HIV takes years to weaken the immune system to the point that a person gets AIDs. There is no care for HIV or AIDs but the capacity of reversing it exist, the country needs to check the spread of HIV on war footing by rolling out plans to close gaps in prevention, testing and treatment services. As for the effected people, there exist drugs which of course cannot be the cure but can slow down the progression of the diseases, these drugs have reduced AIDs death in many developed nation thus there usage can be adapted in Pakistan too.