ISLAMABAD - The Election Commission of Pakistan Wednesday launched its third Strategic Plan 2019-2023 as part of its initiative to continue to improve country’s electoral processes.

Addressing the launching ceremony, Chief Election Commissioner Justice Sardar Muhammad Raza said that following a series of nationwide consultations, reviews and workshops, the ECP has developed this comprehensive third strategic plan document, which will go a long way in improving both the electoral process, and the internal capacity of the Organisation.

He said the strategic planning process began with the ECP’s post-election review exercise, followed by consultations with all electoral stakeholders, including political parties, civil society, observer groups, women’s organisations, media, and electoral administrators at the district, regional, provincial and national levels and finally several workshops were conducted in coordination with ECP staff in order to fine tune the technical aspect of the process.

He said the vision and mission statements are further elaborated and correspond to the guiding principles of the ECP as an organisation working with independence and impartiality, integrity and accountability, efficiency, transparency, inclusiveness and service-mindedness and professionalism.

Secretary ECP Babar Yaqoob Fateh Muhammad said: “Pakistan conducts one of the largest single-day elections in the world. To meet this challenge, all electoral stakeholders form a part of the accountability of the electoral process.”

“The ECP appreciates the invaluable feedback gained from all stakeholders which lead to the development of this Strategic Plan.”

He added the ECP looks forward to working with all stakeholders in its implementation.

The ECP expects this plan will assist the Organization in increasing its capacity, and the inclusive and open nature of the strategic planning process will enable all stakeholders to take ownership of the plan.

This will bolster the integrity, transparency, efficiency and inclusiveness in the administration and conduct of future elections and the overall electoral process.

The Commission intends to focus on 11 specific priority areas or pillars to work and improve during the course of the 3rd Strategic Plan included legal framework, electoral integrity and public perception, institutional development, training and capacity development.