ISLAMABAD - The Scrutiny Committee of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is all set to convene all the submitted data in PTI foreign funding case today (Thursday).

The scrutiny committee of the commission met on Tuesday, for the first time after the commission ordered it to hold scrutiny on daily basis.

Sources in ECP informed The Nation that Thursday’s meeting of the committee was important as the committee will convene the entire data submitted to it.

The sources further revealed that from the start till now the foreign funding case was slipping out of the hands of the ruling party; adding that if the merit was followed in the case the verdict was likely to be against the ruling faction.

The source said that PTI had not provided data which could convince the commission to announce verdict on their side. He also said that PTI had changed eight lawyers to represent the party in foreign funding case which was indicative of their incompetence.

Answering a question, the source said that outgoing chief election commissioner was not likely to announce the verdict before his retirement due to many issues.

On the other hand the ruling party has claimed to have submitted all the details of the donors to the commission.

However, the scrutiny committee has also sought details of funds from the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and Pakistan People’s Party. They were given two days to submit the details.

Farrukh Habib, who filed the petition against the PML-N, said that Nawaz league was trying to get away but they would not let it succeed.

PML-N leader Mohsin Shahnawaz Ranjha said the PTI had filed petition against them to divert attention from the case against it.

“Tehreek-e-Insaf owns a company in the US through which it received hundreds of thousands of dollars from foreign nationals,” he said.

He claimed that it owned another firm in Dubai and had an account opened in Australia.

Akbar S. Babar, one of the PTI’s founding members, had filed the case in 2014, alleging that about $3 million in illegal foreign funds had been collected through two offshore companies and that money had been sent through illegal hundi channels from the Middle East to the accounts of ‘PTI employees’. He had also alleged that the foreign accounts used to collect the party funds were concealed from the annual audit reports submitted to the ECP.

The scrutiny committee was formed in March last year to conduct an audit of the PTI’s funding sources in one month, but later the deadline was extended for an indefinite period.

On Oct 10, the ECP had rejected four applications filed by the PTI seeking secrecy during the scrutiny of its foreign funding sources.