ISLAMABAD-Human Resource Development Network (HRDN) will arrange a youth conference here today with the aim of devising an outline of a future strategy to empower neglected youth through education and skills development initiatives.

HRDN will engage diverse stakeholders and partners in a conference ‘State of Youth in Pakistan – focusing on Youth Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET).

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Youth Affairs Usman Dar will be the chief guest on the occasion while the guest speakers will come from national and international organizations.  

The conference is part of the 20th All Members Meeting of the HRDN aimed at devising an outline of the future strategy to empower the neglected youth through education and skills development initiatives.   

Talking about the scope of the conference and the AMM, the HRDN Chief Executive Robeela Banghash said that youth is a most powerful force for transformational change. 

With their demographic size and more importantly their fresh ideas and energy, the youth can lead the way to sustainable human development if provided with a conducive environment.

She said, the skills gained from education and employment enables engagement, but this does not mean that uneducated and unemployed youth cannot be empowered or engaged.

In a society where the young outnumber the old population, the youth potential would be dangerously simplistic and pessimistically self-defeating.

The share of youth not in education, employment or training also known as “the NEET rate” that provides a measure of youth outside the educational system, not in training and not in employment.

Robeela Bangash said the conference would discuss about the state of youth in Pakistan focus being on NEET youth to have an overview of the major policies and strategies to reduce NEET rate in Pakistan to meet the target of SDG 8 by 2020.

During the conference the panellists from various government and private organizations will have discussion on understanding NEET in Pakistan, enhancing human development through NEET Youth engagement, successful examples of mainstreaming NEET youth, decent work and Sustainable Development Goals: Strategies to reduce NEET rate in Pakistan, successful models from development and public and private sectors to engage youth in human development.