ISLAMABAD - The federal government has decided to appoint regular heads on vacant positions of CEOs/MDs in ministries and divisions and their attached departments within fifteen days and directed to submit the plans to “implementation Committee for Re-organizing the Federal Government” in this regard within a week.

The Cabinet Division issued a memorandum on November 26, 2019 with the subject, “Existing vacancies of CEOs/MDs in Ministries/Divisions and their attached departments.” The memorandum says, “The undersigned is directed to refer to Cabinet decision in case No. 947/4/2019, dated 19-11-2019 the Cabinet direction is reproduced including division concerned should prepare and submit to the Cabinet, through Establishment Division, action plans indicating the minimum possible timeline for filing the vacant of CEOs/MDs, Head of Organizations etc. The exercise be completed within one week.”

It further says, “In cases where changes in rules/ regulations or terms and conditions of appointment were required to fill a certain position, the matter may be submitted to the “implementation committee for Re-organizing the Federal Government” within one week. The committee will decide the cases submitted to it within fifteen (15) days.”  All ministries/divisions are directed to comply with the orders of the Cabinet and appoint regular CEOs/MDs/ HODs immediately without further delay.  According to the sources, the cabinet in its meeting held on August 9, 2019 had sought a detailed report on existing vacancies of MDS/CEOs in ministries and divisions and their attached departments. They said  that the Establishment Division had submitted a report to the Cabinet Division few months back and pointed out that over 100 vacancies of Chief Executive Officers, Chairmen, Managing Directors,  Director  Generals and Heads of Organizations in autonomous, semi-autonomous departments  and corporations in different 27 ministries and divisions.

They said the government has banned to give the additional and acting charge of any department and corporation to any official. On the other hand, the federal government has decided to hire the technical experts in fifteen ministries and divisions including Science and Technology Division, Power Division, National Food Security and Research Division, Climate Change Division, Commerce Division, Finance Division, Petroleum Division, Water Resources Division, Textile Industry Division, Information and Broadcasting Division,, National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination Division, Aviation Division and Information Technology and Telecommunication Division to boost their performance.

In this regard, the Finance Division is in the process of finalization of Special Professional Pay Scales (SPPS-1, 11&111). The Finance Division has also moved a case, for enhancement of the pay package of Management Position (MP-1, 11&111) pay scales, which is under process. Therefore, these Technical Experts can be hired from market either on SPPS when finalized or the revised MP Scales.  The summary is being routed through Finance Division for examination an comments on the proposed pay package.