SHIJIAZHUANG -An ancient tomb dating back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907) was found in north China’s Hebei Province, according to the local cultural relics protection department on Monday. The tomb, which experts believe dates back more than 1,200 years, was discovered by a villager when digging in Duanying Village under Cixian County. A tombstone, two porcelains, 12 potteries and some bronze pieces were also unearthed. The inscription on the square-shaped tombstone measuring 45 cm in length and 9 cm in thickness consists of 323 Chinese characters recording the name, birthplace and life story of the tomb owner, and its inscription year in 733. The tomb owner was believed to be a respectable man, said Zhao Xuefeng, a cultural relics expert, adding that the findings can serve as a reference for research on funeral customs and the village’s history.

The two porcelains, one a bluish-white glazed tripod censer and the other a black glazed jar with two loop handles, are important to the research of the porcelain craftsmanship of Cizhou Kiln from celadon glaze to white glaze, Zhao said.