The international islamic university, Islamabad is one of the unique infrastructure for the male and female students in the twin cities due to many facilitations like, Hostels, libraries, Book bank, transport and full funded scholarships facilities.

A huge population of male and female students are continue their study in this university until many students are enrolled to continue their study, they came from the backward area of Balochistan due to availability of basic facilities and good infrastructure.

There are only 75 buses of this university to providing transport for male and female students for their different routes in the twin city. So, the recent crisis is the shortage and varsity of buses for both of the students and facing a lot of inconveniences on overloaded because 75 buses are very less for completely running the transport facility of university for both campuses of students.

Moreover, Many students of this university have been facing troubles of transport facilities because these 75 buses providing transport to Faisal mosque campus, new campus and all female campuses in the same fixed time.

I request to the Transport director and administration of university to must concern about these failure and to buy new buses and must provide good transport facilities for both of male, female students and teachers...