India is planning 12 more Baglihar-type dams on river Chenab in order to control and manipulate the flow of water in Pakistan and our administration is preparing PC-1 to build a 15km long safety wall around the Red Zone in capital. Can one ask our rulers to save this huge expense and divert funds to establishing socio-economic projects instead? These projects would generate healthy employment opportunities in various sectors for our restless unemployed youth. Rulers come and go. No one is here for keeps, certainly not in the echelons of power. They must focus on making concrete, productive policies instead of this great concrete wall. What is the justification of this wall? We would do better defence of our cities if we address the root causes of terrorism. CDA should concentrate on completion of other on-going projects, flyover and underpasses, in time. -SABA GUL, Islamabad, via e-mail, October 14.