The October 22 resolution on national security was a major step in the direction of ridding Pakistan's parliament of the tag of being 'a rubber stamp'. Our parliamentarians have demonstrated serious commitment to their role as public representatives by way of this resolution. Even though the joint sitting was subjected to some unjustified criticism, especially targeting the Information Minister Ms Sherry Rehman, the resolution is the most positive development we have had in a long time. The credit goes to PM, Minister Information and other advocates of the joint session for showing resilience and commitment despite negative response from some of our elected representatives. The consensus resolution should be seen as success of the parliamentary democracy that allows forging of a common platform for even divergent views thereby producing workable solutions for national challenges. Years of single-institution-working-on-single-ideology has made us all wary of each other's points of view on common issues. Our public representatives must stay committed to the culture of consensus for the sake of strengthening parliamentary institutions. The PPP government's efforts for empowerment of parliament must be supported. -SILWAT SHAH, Lahore, October 27.