I would like to draw attention of the higher authorities towards the traffic signals in Lahore, as it is a major problem for people here. The signals used to work properly once but now they do so only once in a blue moon. At most places, they are programmed to remain closed for about 100 seconds and open for only 10 seconds or so. So if you are stuck in the long lines of a traffic jam, you require a minimum of 10-15 minutes to cross one signal. Particularly bad are crossings of Cantt, Mall Road and Jail Road where situations are worsened by (unhindered) flow of VVIP traffic. If a VVIP convoy is upon you in a jam, you could be helpless for hours as the new traffic wardens divert traffic to change routes of public transport. It becomes very difficult for the aged, children, diabetics and heart patients but the VVIP takes precedence on other forms of life. There is no point cribbing about other problems like inflation, loadshedding, poverty, etc, etc. They will never be solved. Some relief can be provided to people on traffic, though, if our VVIPs relent. But that's impossible, isn't it? -MARIA ILYAS KHAN BALOCH, Lahore Cantt., October 3.