Peacocks - one of the most beautiful birds of the world, are luckily available in good number in Tharparkar area of Sindh. Nevertheless, the arrival of even limited electricity (only 250 out of 2300 villages have so far been electrified) has brought a message of death instead of happiness to the beautiful birds that are already on the verge of extinction for various reasons including illegal hunt and death through fatal electric shocks. It is our duty to save these beautiful and rare birds from unnatural death. In Thar, as soon as they sit on electric transformers and live wires, they die within seconds due to electric shocks. After such death, numerous peacocks gather near the body of victim to mourn. Nevertheless, they never turn back to the site for the next several days. It is also reported in one village Maalahnor Neanh that only six peacocks died of electric shocks within a short period of four months. If all the electronic wires and transformers are properly covered that is not going to cost a lot in view of limited electricity available in the area, the precious lives of the rare birds could be saved. Will WWF, Wild life department, concerned electricity authorities and Sindh govt act quickly to save these rare birds? MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL, Karachi, October 26.