That NATO and US forces continue to create tension along the Pak-Afghan border, as manifested by Wednesdays aerial incursion by two gunship helicopters which hovered at a surprisingly low altitude around the Data Khel area of North Waziristan for about five minutes creating fear among the local population. They flew back when warning shots were fired by the army. This was followed by a drone attack in South Waziristan on Thursday that allegedly killed four militants who were travelling in a mini truck. These attacks must be seen against the backdrop of APCs resolution against violations of our sovereignty. What is the use of these resolutions if they are not shown the respect that is their due? There is also the Parliaments resolution on drone attacks but as can be seen they remain pieces of paper. If the government had the courage to follow through on the directions these resolutions had dictated, intruding drones as well as gunship helicopters would be brought down. The one noticeable contradiction in the leadership is the disconnect between their words and actions. That is why those whom the resolutions condemn, sit comfortably in the knowledge that these resolutions mean nothing, that Pakistani leaders are making such tall claims to please the public. After all, we must ask ourselves what is the reason they dont they dare fly a drone into Iran or other self-respecting nations?