International newspapers, TV channels and wire services widely picked up the Afghan President Hamid Karzais talk to a Pakistani TV anchor the other day, saying Afghanistan would support Pakistan if it were to go to war with the US, or any other nation (he meant India), calling Afghanistan a brother to Pakistan. The interview sparked a wave of criticism from many Afghans, particularly in the north of the country, who believe that Pakistan is responsible for much of their ongoing struggle with militancy. The broadcast of the interview came just after Hillary Clinton left Pakistan after crucial talks, where she pushed Islamabad to facilitate reconciliation in Afghanistan, while at the same time pressing Pakistan to take more action against the insurgents. Pakistani officials reportedly said Pakistan made it clear to the visiting US delegation that it was willing to assist the reconciliation process, but opening a front against the Haqqanis based in North Waziristan was not an option, and that Pakistan and the US came to an agreement on the way forward in Afghanistan. The US secretary of state said in an interview later that she urged Pakistan to use methods "besides overt military action," and to do so while it has coalition support from the other side of the border in Afghanistan.But Karzais soothing statement, Hillarys 'lenient approach and 'goodwill gestures are ploys meant to deceive Pakistan. ESCHMALL SARDAR, Peshawar, October 25.