While addressing the World Economic Forum held recently in Jordan, President Zardari wholeheartedly lauded the governments efforts in tackling the horrific national crises. In the same vein, he also predicted Pakistans bright future. However, in the existing bleak scenario, this appears a remote possibility unless the President and the government have in the national interest decided to step down from power and the bigwigs from other political parties have also solemnly vowed to be patriotic, whatever the circumstances. Its only in that eventuality that this dream of dreams can come true. Otherwise, the stalemate will persist and any hope of seeing peace, progress and prosperity in the country will remain an elusive mirage, pushing the country deeper into the quagmire of adversities. The light at the end of the tunnel will hopefully appear only when the peoples power overwhelms the evil forces operating in the country at all levels who have dangerously destabilised the state while promoting their unholy goals and protecting ill-gotten acquisitions through naked abuse of power and influence, in total defiance of the basic tenets of rule of law. FAROOQ ZAMAN, Lahore, October 26.