3200MW of electricity shall be exported to Pakistan from China. This project was offered by Chinese government to Pakistan during the meeting with Shahbaz Sharif and was greeted by him in Xinjiang. According to the Chinese officials, this project could be accomplished within three years.

The Chief Minister mentioned, this tour is not for seeking aid but to collaborate with China in order to invest efficiently. He added about world’s largest solar energy park which will be constructed in Pakistan for generation of 1000MW electricity. With his keen interest Shahbaz Sharif visited many industries of China, manufacturing energy such as power transformers and solar cells. He also visited Xinjiang in order to supervise solar energy power plants and their working followed by Chief Executive officer of TBEA, Mr. Li Jian Hua.

Shahbaz Sharif admired hospitality from Chinese government and talked about the Pak-China relationship. He said China has helped Pakistan in many circumstances which have proved to be substantial in Pak-China relationship. Moreover, by such investments Pakistan will develop economically and provide more jobs for the youth. As exclaimed by the Chief Minister “when our factories and mills will start getting power supply, they will function with full capacity, thus provide job opportunities to the common man.” I believe such investments are very crucial for Pakistani government in order to develop economically. Let’s hope for the best.


Karachi, October 25.