The United States have always proved itself a country with an obsession of power whose government lives with American dream of spying, killing and ruling the world. Mr. Obama has now privileges to watch emails, tap calls and catch anyone from a local resident to the President of Mexico and German Chancellor. The German government called the American Ambassador in Berlin to give an explanation of this act. The Italians and Mexicans also did not appreciate the illegitimate actions by the White House people. Mexico clearly and shortly demanded investigation for the unacceptable, unlawful act by the US Security Institute NSA.

Would you even like if someone accesses your email or taps your phone without your permission? The National Security Agency of USA is doing it. The spying is not only limited to the VVIPS of Europe but also include the local citizens all over the world. The Smartphone systems, VoIP software’s and emails everything has been traced by these people. A must not forget name in this large scale spying is Britain’s GCHQ who helps NSA in monitoring of global communications. Apple, Google and BlackBerry are not safe.

Well, the White House says that actions have been taken against those who leaked the information to NSA, but who knows if the ‘lord of White House’ did it himself? International community condemns USA’s act of illegitimacy and United Nations should investigate the issue.


Karachi, October 26.