Muslims all over the world are facing various restrictions regarding their appearance in general public, especially in Europe. There has been campaigning to let them down on one pretext or the other. Hijab, Abaya and beard, are targeted as a mean to resist mingling with other people of different communities in a foreign state. Setting aside the pros and cons of these restrictions, some of the Muslims themselves provide ample proof of doing things in odd ways and become the laughing stock for rest of world.

The ferociousness with which ban on women driving has been imposed in Saudi Arabia is ridiculous. It has only sent negative message to the outer world and the meanings of conservatism are now interpreted as chauvinism. Indeed, it is unjust and clear violation of charter of human rights which promulgates under ‘Freedom to move, we all have the right to go where we want in our own country and to travel as we wish.’ As such, women cannot be banned from moving by driving transport of through the transport of their choice. Gone are the days when travelers used camel-trains. Denying right to drive to females who are almost fifty percent of population is sheer violation of human rights and must not be insisted upon.


Islamabad, October 26.