It seems that even our allies have a bone to pick with the lack of border control from this side, as Iran joins the list of neighbours that have taken issue. One of the countries Pakistan has been historically friendly with, the fact that they are voicing the same concerns as India should be duly noted. Friction with India on the border is more or less a regular feature, but when neighbouring allies complain of the same thing, something needs to be done.

In an attack on the Iranian border patrol in which 14 soldiers were killed, the Iranian government seemed miffed at Pakistan’s lax border security, as three of their soldiers were also taken hostage and brought into the country. The fact that Iran has been building a massive wall to protect its boundaries shows how little faith they place in an ally that is increasingly seen as the problem child of the region. What Iran sees as a threat is the fact that elements that disturb the peace of the region find safe havens in Pakistan to recuperate and reorganize before they can launch fresh attacks against states they consider enemies.

It does not matter whether they believe like so many others, that the government, or secret services actually provide these anti-state actors the convenience of looking the other way, the point is that, due to whatever reason, be it complicity or negligence, it happens anyway. And that needs to stop. Let’s forget the fact that our country is perceived as volatile by nations around it. The problem is that these elements are first and foremost, lethal poison for the Pakistani state itself. Pakistan in 2012 was the country which was ranked one of the highest in the list of countries in which terrorists conducted attacks. No mean feat, being at the top of that list, considering the fact that countries such as Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq are all on the same roster. The state needs to ask itself what repercussions it is facing for being a nursery for terrorists. The problem needs to be solved and finding easy ways to decrease the scale will no longer work. A conclusive strategy, one that will bring peace to our country, and to those around us, is already ten years too late in the making -- and the seemingly unlimited patience of our allies appears to be running out.