Imran Khan’s PTI had thought they would win the overall Pakistan general election in 2013, but instead they won in the KPK. They did not have any sound planning and have spent most of the first few months of, in trying to figure out a road map. I have been part of some of the work workshops and meetings for the various aspects of the Government and have witnessed some friction between the government, bureaucracy and the elected representatives. This friction has also been highlighted in the media and I was surprised to see that the PTI had so far not overcome it, which will surely lead to low output in their work in KPK.

PTI leaders should realize that the people of KPK work very differently than the people of Punjab. Since KPK has smaller cities, where people tend to know one another, while in Punjab there are bigger cities, with more people working there and most people do not know one another very well.

Similarly there is a big difference in the working of the Chief Minister of Punjab and KPK, in a recent meeting held to improve the Technical Education in KPK, I was shocked to find out from the German consultant, that the Punjab CM had decided on the Technical project within a few hours, while his Industrial Secretary was able to provide 20 companies for internship training and his finance manager was able to allot Rs1 billion to this project on the request of the CM. The Punjab CM forced the German consultants to work faster and complete the said project in Punjab within 6 months.

While in KPK the Chief Minister asked the local bureaucracy to give him a plan on how to improve the technical education in KPK. He simply asked the relevant government employees to provide him with a final plan that he could sign. Since the bureaucracy in KPK has not been able to improve in any department or work in the past five years, they are therefore once again unable to do anything positive or effective. Therefore I would like to suggest that PTI leaders should work differently in KPK, instead of waiting for the bureaucracy to come with any suggestions. The PTI team should have a dedicated team to plan. The PTI has taken a positive decision of stopping the transfer of teachers from one area to another, which will stop incompetent people from taking the government jobs and will improve the working and availability of teachers in all the schools. PTI should also install similar rules for other departments to improve their working as well.


Peshawar, October 25.