Rawalpindi - Rawalpindi police under an ongoing drive against anti-social elements have arrested 20 lawbreakers with drugs, liquor, illegal arms and stolen timber from different parts of the district. According to a police spokesman, Bunni police arrested Bashir Ahmed for having 1115 grams hashish while Imran was booked with 520 grams hashish. Other lawbreakers were arrested from other parts of the district.

Taxila police rounded up Hasina Bibi for carrying 5050 grams hashish. Jatli police sent behind the bars Qasir Khan on recovery of 510 grams hashish. About 555 grams hashish was recovered from Khawar Shehzad. Usman, Kamran and Qadeer were arrested with 515 grams, 530 grams and 565 grams hashish respectively. Kahuta police rounded up Naeem Yousaf for possessing 1050 grams hashish. Pirwadhai police recovered 10 bottles of liquor from Ali Muhammad. Jatli police seized 20 litres wine from Amar Ali. Saddar Baroni police arrested Yasir for having five bottles of liquor. Other accused were sent behind the bars for possessing illegal weapons.

Meanwhile, Kalar Syedan police held Muhammad Bashir as stolen timber worth Rs 500,000 was recovered from his possession.