Several Indian shelling affected people in villages along Sialkot Working Boundary have complained that financial compensation cheques issued by the Punjab government have been dishonoured by the banks.

They said that the banks cited technical faults in the issuance of these cheques and funds paucity as the reason for dishonouring the compensation cheques.

Aggrieved family of village Tulsipur-Sialkot based farmer Azhar Abbas, who was martyred by unprovoked Indian shelling about two weeks ago, told that Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had given them a cheque of Rs0.5 million as financial compensation. However, the cheque was dishonoured by the bank, saying that there were some technical faults in the issuance of the cheque besides lack of funds in the account of the treasury. The aggrieved family demanded early clearance and payment of the cheque.

Similarly, village Bhagiyaari-Charwah based farmer Muhammad Boota, who was injured seriously by unprovoked intensified Indian shelling three weeks ago, said that the Punjab government had given two separate cheques of Rs25,000 and Rs75,000 as financial compensation. But the bank concerned denied paying payment against both these cheques due to some "unknown" technical faults.

Meanwhile, PTI Sialkot based Central Deputy Secretary General Umer Dar visited the Indian shelling hit Sialkot border villages Kaaleywali-Chawinda, Phalora, Gadgor, Bajra Garhi, Tulsipur, Charwah, Joiyaan, Sabzpeer, Bhagiyaari, Rangor and surroundings. He expressed complete solidarity with the affected people and also expressed grave concern over the non-payment of the financial compensation cheques. He also strongly criticized the Punjab government in this regard.

VISIT TO SIALKOT WOMEN UNIVERSITY: Ms Ella, the Representative of Chester University, England, visited Government College Sialkot Women University Sialkot where she gave a detailed briefing to the students and faculty about education in UK.

Ella, the Polish-Origin, offered scholarship for graduates programme for students and MPhil, PhD programme for faculty.

She also gave a detailed presentation over the UK education system as well as education in Chester University.

"It's my first visit to Sialkot. I am acting like the ambassador of UK education program." she said.

Ella said that UK has world class education system and facilities that distinguished top class destination of overseas students.

She encouraged local students to travel UK for education due to having large amount of subjects being offered at Chester and other universities.

A student of Government College Sialkot Women University briefed the visitor about the foundation and courses being offered by the university.

It is to be noted that Government College Sialkot Women University has been inaugurated by Madr-e-Millat Fatima Jinnah on Dec 1, 1951, when it had been a college.

Vice Chancellor Dr Farhat Saleemi, Dr Khalida Gillani, Prof Robeena Intikhab and others were also present on the occasion.